Cold.  So cold.  It’s been almost a week and a half, and I still don’t know if I’ve warmed up.  My nose feels permanently frozen.  But realistically, it’s probably because the heating in our piso (apartment) leaves us in want.  God bless whoever invented hot water bottles.

Well Copenhagen, you were a real treat.  Like eating a popsicle in the winter time.  Completely worth it despite the temperature.  Besides the cold, there are a few more details about our stay that may be worth sharing about:

  1. If you go on a boat tour through the canals and decide to sit outside to have the best view even when it is freezing cold outside, bring a toque.  And gloves. And thermal clothes.  And be prepared to layer.  If there was a toque for noses, I’d have bought it.
  2. Tivoli gardens.  Even though we went straight to Tivoli, which is outdoor, after our freezing cold boat tour, the lights, sights, and overall festivities sufficiently warmed me up to wonder at the magical atmosphere that is Tivoli.  There really is nothing else like it.
  3. The pastries.  Natalie has a friend in Copenhagen, and I was fortunate enough to join them on a day of sight seeing and pastry eating.  They introduced us to tebirkes,  a traditional poppy seed pastry roll, and æbleskiver, or directly translated in English as “apple slices”.  However, I don’t know why they’re called “apple slices” because they have no apples, and they are not sliced. Even so, they were yummy, and it was a nice taste of Danish culture.  After a full day of walking basically all of Copenhagen, I broke my PR for the amount of steps walked in one day, which is probably a good thing after all the pastries.
  4. And a general tip about staying in someone’s home and navigating tricky keys: no matter how easy unlocking the door may seem once you’ve opened it, DO NOT lock it again to revel at how much easier it was than you thought.  It never opens quite as smoothly the second time.

Annnnnd, that’s it.  Here’s a video to capture whatever else I didn’t mention in words.


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