almost, but not yet

Almost, but not yet. It seems like this phrase keeps coming up lately.  My undergrad is almost, but not yet finished.  I’m almost graduated and future plans are moving forward, but the long list of homework reminds me, not yet.  These days all I want to do is be with the people I love, explore new places, try new things, read all the books, take all the pictures, and start a blog to talk about all of it (which I have clearly done).  And after a few hours of dreaming (read: perusing flights and hostels, compiling reading lists, new things lists, and google mapping road trips), I’m consistently reminded, not yet.

There are so many ways to look at the almost, but not yet.  There’s the spiritual yearning for Christ to return, and even more relevant today, the anticipation of Easter Sunday.  There’s the assessment of being part-way there on our goals, and there can be the discontent in the present when we long for the later. But I think that in the midst of all of that, it’s the beautiful and messy process of learning to embrace the now that’s really worthwhile.  So hello, and welcome to my thoughts along the way.



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